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Pesticide/Fertilizer Company Renewal Registry
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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Online Company License renewals are temporarily unavailable while we prepare for the 10/1/2022-9/30/2023 renewal cycle. Please check back in July 2022.

Current Company License
A renewal application and fee can be submitted using this site, or by returning the paper form we recently mailed to you, for a license that is current or expired less than 12 months.

Please note that Certificates of Insurance (COI) cannot be submitted through this site. Please mail any COI updates to our office.

The following license types can be renewed using this site:
  • Pesticide Business license, and associated Commercial Applicator licenses
  • Registered Location license, and associated Commercial Applicator licenses
  • Dealer license
  • Solicitation license
  • Commercial Fertilizer license (beginning in November)
To renew a license on this site:
  1. A user will need to first create an account for the company by entering its license ID and the license's Control Number. If a company has multiple licenses, any one of the Control Numbers can be used. If the Control Number of an expired license is used, an error message will be displayed.
  2. After creating the account and logging in, company contact information and associated licenses will be displayed. This means if a company has multiple licenses which share an ID, those licenses will be displayed and eligible for renewal. In addition, if a company employees licensed Commercial Applicator, those associated licenses will also be displayed and eligible for renewal. Renewal forms for each license displayed can then be completed, submitted, and paid for.

Important notes:

  • All users must create a new account, even if you used this site last year.
  • Separate accounts: ODA assigns each company location its own ID number, which is also used as the license ID. Separate accounts must be created for each license ID/company ID. For example, a parent company with a Pesticide Business license cannot renew the Registered Location licenses of its branch offices using its own account. Separate accounts must be created for each Registered Location license.
  • Separate emails: Email addresses used to create accounts cannot be shared; each account must be created with its own unique email address.
  • Payment alert: When you are taken to the credit card payment screen, the billing information will be filled in automatically with your current company address. If this does not match your credit card billing information, make sure to edit it before submitting the payment. If the submitted billing information does not match your credit card information exactly, a fraud alert will be issued and the payment will be denied.
  • Static information: The information shown on this site is static, meaning it will not be updated after July 2021. Any changes of information, COI updates, or employee updates made after July 2021 will not appear on this site. This means that if an employed Commercial Applicator is not appearing on your license renewal page, that person cannot be added. Their license will either need to be renewed using the separate Commercial Applicator renewal site, or by mail.

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